Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Comment on Poster 2

The poster lacks in graphic as there is only one. To much text and very chunky. The only attetion grabbing part is the colours of the poster.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Grace Tan - Poster

The font is very tiny and not visible. There is no product name and title. There is no picture of the product. There is no flow

Aniksha (01)

The school logo is there, to show that it is done by someone in SST. The background is also an SST building which indicates the same thing.
The data is pretty much organized.
The colours used are not really good.
The print is small too.

Comment on poster - Shaun(21)

Good point - It used a simple and easy solution to solve the problem stated in their problem statement.
Bad point - It does not exactly  solve the entire problem because in the end it only can compress a bit and so it cannot save a lot of space

Hao nan 09 Poster #1

The problem with the poster is that there is no title and it is very disorganized without an objective.

Desmond Kwa Poster 2 (comment)

The poster is too wordy and has no pictures. The information is spread out evenly. no attention grabbing features.

Vernen Lim (24)

It has a lot of words but has good description and attracting

Tony 23

The advertisement has to many text, it show have more pictorial information to make it more attention grabbing
The advertisement talked a lot about the features of the dust bin, making the functions clear to the user

Chiang Kai Jie - Poster Evaluation

The font size is very small. The use of background picture is useful only if the colours are more captivating. There is no direction to the flow of read. There is an absence of a title. The MOST CRUCIAL POINT IS THE LACK OF THE product name.