Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Presentation in Week 8

Dear 103,

Things to be presented next week:

1) Google sketch up of product
2) Digital Poster
3) Relevant slides to highlight your product
4) Problem statement

Each presentation will last 5mins.

Everyone will be required to present.

Ms Lee

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Visit to the red dot museum- Grace

Question 1 - Can you find examples of SCAMPER?

Yes, I can. 

S-Old and ordinary furniture is substituted with more innovative furniture
C-They combine ordinary furniture, interesting and innovative designs 
A-The innovative furniture adapt to people's lifestyle
M-They modify old and ordinary furniture
P-They are made for showing off to others
E-They eliminate inconvenience 
R-They rearrange to make furniture easy to use

Question 2 - What have I learnt from the designs in Red Dot Museum?

They are design in a specific direction. These interesting and innovative designs improve people's life.

My favourite exhibit

I like it because it is an awesome and unusual clock. It is easy to read the time as it is in words and it lights up :D

Red Dot museum items

Combine: This design combines the shape of a flower and a light.

Put to other use: This design is a figurine that you place in your
                                                            phone's earphone jack. Instead of beautifying, it also helps to                         keep dust and water out of the phone.
                                         Combine: Combines a handphone cover and a charger/power                                                                    pack.
                                  Substitute: This sunglasses substitutes normal lens with shaded ones.
                                  Eliminate: This shoe eliminates the need for shoelaces.
 This object is also my favourite as it is unique and looks nice.

Visit to the Red Dot Musuem


Can you find examples of SCAMPER?

I found them.

 This lightings look like birds or flying insects from far. This is borrowing a design from an animal, and trying to put it to use in a different way.

This chair has a unique wooden texture. It adapts to the nature atmosphere.

 This hanger combines the shape of tree, or maybe the layout of the branches. This structure eliminates the need of separate hangers.
By substituting lame and dull colours, Apple coated the iPod Nano with bright accents. The smooth new anodized aluminum design makes iPod nano feel as good as it sounds. And iPod nano wouldn’t be iPod nano without gorgeous, hard-to-choose-from colors.

Learn From It:

Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in the Red Dot Museum.

Have a direction in mind when designing a product.

Your Favourite Exhibit

Friday, 9 August 2013

Red Dot Museum (Ryan Ng)

The paper kit uses paper to substitute as metal for utensils.

The V8 GTS was inspired by race car engines which touches on the aspect of "put to other use".

 Modifying and adapting by adding colours so that the ipods would not be as dull.

Combining a light green nozzle element with a housing in Moon white.

Eliminating normal electrical speakers with  rubber ones which can be washed and are less fragile.

Poster by VARA.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Comment on Poster 2

The poster lacks in graphic as there is only one. To much text and very chunky. The only attetion grabbing part is the colours of the poster.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Grace Tan - Poster

The font is very tiny and not visible. There is no product name and title. There is no picture of the product. There is no flow

Aniksha (01)

The school logo is there, to show that it is done by someone in SST. The background is also an SST building which indicates the same thing.
The data is pretty much organized.
The colours used are not really good.
The print is small too.

Comment on poster - Shaun(21)

Good point - It used a simple and easy solution to solve the problem stated in their problem statement.
Bad point - It does not exactly  solve the entire problem because in the end it only can compress a bit and so it cannot save a lot of space

Hao nan 09 Poster #1

The problem with the poster is that there is no title and it is very disorganized without an objective.

Desmond Kwa Poster 2 (comment)

The poster is too wordy and has no pictures. The information is spread out evenly. no attention grabbing features.

Vernen Lim (24)

It has a lot of words but has good description and attracting

Tony 23

The advertisement has to many text, it show have more pictorial information to make it more attention grabbing
The advertisement talked a lot about the features of the dust bin, making the functions clear to the user

Chiang Kai Jie - Poster Evaluation

The font size is very small. The use of background picture is useful only if the colours are more captivating. There is no direction to the flow of read. There is an absence of a title. The MOST CRUCIAL POINT IS THE LACK OF THE product name.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


 This is my link.


              Aniksha Malik
              :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Where is the video to the steve jobs video

Monday, 21 January 2013

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

I found this video on Youtube and feel that innovation starts with an idea and it  is also what you want to do and striving towards that goal to succeed.

Innovation is a creation or an idea that improves people's lives and the society.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Innovation reflection

Innovation is either taking something and improving it or creating a new thing on its own. My video is the same as Thomas' but still, here's the link:  

innovation is when someone solves his problem and shares it with the world

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- A Global Business Model

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

Please watch the video and read the slides before your next lesson in Term 1 Week 3.

The video will give you a sense of the traits of a successful innovator, Steve Jobs.

Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (YouTube Video)

Also, there is a set of slides explaining the 7 Principles on the internet. The url link is as below.

Slides on the 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


Saturday, 19 January 2013

I think that innovation is about using someone else invention and modifying it to make it work or make it or making it better.

iPhone 6 Commercial

 This is what innovation means to me. Creating new technology that could benefit people.


Innovation is the start of a new process or product which in turn create jobs, improves wealth and also contributes to the society.


This is my video of one such innovation...
Innovation is the development of new customers value through solutions that meet new needs, inarticulate needs, or old customer and market needs in value adding new ways. 

By: Potluri Sai

Innovation in 17 words :)

The act of changing the way things are done and bringing in new ways of doing things.

Eldrick Sim S1-03

Innovation Redefined

The act of introducing something a new algorithm/gadget or anything.
The act of introducing an item which no one had thought before.

Innovation ≠ Invention
Innovation = Creation / Conception / Conception / Novelty / Newness

This is the First Video what I think Innovation is connected to:

This is the Second Video what I think Innovation is connected to:



Innovation is introducing new methods, ideas or products creatively.


            Innovation is about creating new ideas to be turned into reality that is useful to people or it can be an upgrade to an existing idea to make it better and more convenient.

Friday, 18 January 2013


Register no. 20

 Innovation is taking something that exist and improve on it with your creativity.


Innovation is being able to express your ideas creatively and freely. It is also about originality.

Innovative Ideas

To be innovative you need to be motivated and have a good influence.When you come up with new ideas you need to validate them.Be well informed and know what are the needs of people.Think outside of the box and evaluate your ideas.Think  evaluate validate investigate create  and be confident and take action and you got a product.Have a goal break through your challengers and problems.Make sure your product and business is trusted and customers are not feeling cheated of their money your product can appeal and be bought by all kinds of customers.Think about something that is exciting,new and fun.