Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Presentation in Week 8

Dear 103,

Things to be presented next week:

1) Google sketch up of product
2) Digital Poster
3) Relevant slides to highlight your product
4) Problem statement

Each presentation will last 5mins.

Everyone will be required to present.

Ms Lee

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Visit to the red dot museum- Grace

Question 1 - Can you find examples of SCAMPER?

Yes, I can. 

S-Old and ordinary furniture is substituted with more innovative furniture
C-They combine ordinary furniture, interesting and innovative designs 
A-The innovative furniture adapt to people's lifestyle
M-They modify old and ordinary furniture
P-They are made for showing off to others
E-They eliminate inconvenience 
R-They rearrange to make furniture easy to use

Question 2 - What have I learnt from the designs in Red Dot Museum?

They are design in a specific direction. These interesting and innovative designs improve people's life.

My favourite exhibit

I like it because it is an awesome and unusual clock. It is easy to read the time as it is in words and it lights up :D

Red Dot museum items

Combine: This design combines the shape of a flower and a light.

Put to other use: This design is a figurine that you place in your
                                                            phone's earphone jack. Instead of beautifying, it also helps to                         keep dust and water out of the phone.
                                         Combine: Combines a handphone cover and a charger/power                                                                    pack.
                                  Substitute: This sunglasses substitutes normal lens with shaded ones.
                                  Eliminate: This shoe eliminates the need for shoelaces.
 This object is also my favourite as it is unique and looks nice.

Visit to the Red Dot Musuem


Can you find examples of SCAMPER?

I found them.

 This lightings look like birds or flying insects from far. This is borrowing a design from an animal, and trying to put it to use in a different way.

This chair has a unique wooden texture. It adapts to the nature atmosphere.

 This hanger combines the shape of tree, or maybe the layout of the branches. This structure eliminates the need of separate hangers.
By substituting lame and dull colours, Apple coated the iPod Nano with bright accents. The smooth new anodized aluminum design makes iPod nano feel as good as it sounds. And iPod nano wouldn’t be iPod nano without gorgeous, hard-to-choose-from colors.

Learn From It:

Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in the Red Dot Museum.

Have a direction in mind when designing a product.

Your Favourite Exhibit