Saturday, 10 August 2013

Visit to the Red Dot Musuem


Can you find examples of SCAMPER?

I found them.

 This lightings look like birds or flying insects from far. This is borrowing a design from an animal, and trying to put it to use in a different way.

This chair has a unique wooden texture. It adapts to the nature atmosphere.

 This hanger combines the shape of tree, or maybe the layout of the branches. This structure eliminates the need of separate hangers.
By substituting lame and dull colours, Apple coated the iPod Nano with bright accents. The smooth new anodized aluminum design makes iPod nano feel as good as it sounds. And iPod nano wouldn’t be iPod nano without gorgeous, hard-to-choose-from colors.

Learn From It:

Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in the Red Dot Museum.

Have a direction in mind when designing a product.

Your Favourite Exhibit

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